Josiah’s Story


On November 17th, 2004, we were standing in a Doctor’s office in Mexico hearing news no parent ever thinks they might be hearing. Our son, Josiah, just two weeks before his third birthday, was diagnosed with Leukemia (a Cancer of the blood). We dropped everything, boarded a plane, and less than 18 hours after diagnosis, we found ourselves sitting in a room on the Cancer floor of Children’s Hospital Minneapolis.
We have now traveled the LONG, HARD road for over three years fighting cancer alongside our hero, Josiah. It has not been easy with:

6 Hospital Stays
7 Blood Transfusions
7 Platelet Transfusions
22 Spinal Injections of Chemotherapy
72 Doses of IV Chemotherapy
125 Trips to the Oncology Clinic
197 Days on Steroids
942 Doses of Oral Chemotherapy
a total of Three Years and Three Months of Chemotherapy

But we write now to PRAISE GOD and to testify that because of those who have followed Josiah and our family, and have prayed fervently and without ceasing that GOD has done a work in Josiah!  On January 25, 2008, Josiah finished treatment and now has a prognosis FAR greater than we could have ever imagined, with an 85-90% chance he will never relapse!!

Josiah continued to have monthly blood draws through January 2009 and then moved down to quarterly for the next year, then six months and is now seen by the oncologist just once a year.   On January 25, 2013, we celebrated five years out of treatment, and now Josiah is considered, by medical standards, as healed!

Overall he is doing great, and is healthy and fully of energy!  Although most children in his situation are dealing with some long-term effects, we praise God that Josiah does not seem to struggle in any of these areas!!

Click here to read Josiah’s Journal Historythrough caringbridge.

Josiah went into Clinic this day for his LAST chemo., and was welcomed by a PARTY just for him!


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