Our Family


Birthday: March 22
Ryan is the ultimate handyman, fixing things most people see as unrepairable. His talents are often required for “after hours service calls”; repairing appliances, leaky windows, or well pumps (even in his own home). He has an amazing eye for detail, and is always dreaming up new projects around the house and the ministry.



Birthday: March 7
Molly loves to be creative and active in any form possible. She loves running and doing Martial Arts with the kids.  Molly also really enjoys building relationship with friends and the staff of Esperanza Viva. When she has a quiet moment, she enjoys being creative through scrapbooking, knitting, or creating new hairstyles for the girls.  Her talents have even been booked for a couple of weddings and graduations here in Mexico.


Birthday: March 29, 2000
Isaiah is extremely bright and full of energy. He is very philosophical and asks deep, spiritual questions, but also has a quick and witty sense-of-humor. He also LOVES sports and anything to do with them, especially all the stats of  players and teams. He desires to be a professional sports sports announcer when he grows up. Currently, he enjoys school, playing football, learning guitar, and hanging out with friends.


Birthday: December 2, 2001
Josiah is a ball of energy and laughter.  Even though he battled cancer for more than three years, he beat it, and lives his life with this same determination. He has a strong personality that never stops in the face of trials or difficulties. He, too, loves sports and wants to play them all. He hopes to be a veterinarian when he grows up. Currently, he loves flipping and twisting on the trampoline, football, learning piano, and Martial Arts.


Birthday: July 31, 2004
Keziah is sweet, helpful, and very motherly. Keziah is a born performer, and can often be found singing songs she made up and dancing around the house. She also loves playing school or mom. She hopes to be a mom, a teacher, and a super star when she grows up. Currently, she loves school, hanging out with the “girls club” at school and Martial Arts.


Birthday; August 31, 2006
Lydiah is sweet, spunky, and very independent.   She looks up to all her siblings, but will often go against the “crowd” just because she can.  She loves babies, and is found playing “mom and dad” or school on most days along with her sister. She loves school, hanging out with friends, and Martial Arts!

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