Our Story

Our journey in missions began in March of 1999, when we took our first short-term missions trip together to Guatemala. We spent a week serving in an orphanage and seeking God’s will for our lives. With a strong interest in missions, we told God that we were open to whatever and wherever He would call us. We returned to Minnesota feeling a strong conviction to continue in missions, working with children at risk.

Our journey continued when we moved to Costa Rica in September of 2000, just 5 months after our first child, Isaiah, was born. We spent six months there as house parents to ten children under the age of 10, as well as Isaiah. During our time in Costa Rica, God solidified our calling and we left knowing that we were called to:

  1. Long Term Missions
  2. Working with Hurting Children
  3. In Latin America

Just months after returning from Costa Rica, we met the founders of Living Hope International, a residential youth home (orphanage), in Puebla, Mexico. There was such a strong connection to the ministry and the vision that it wasn’t long before we felt God calling us there. In May of 2002, we visited the ministry with our boys: Isaiah 2-1/2 and Josiah 5 months. Even though our trip was very difficult traveling with two small children, we left with a strong conviction that the Lord had called our family to serve Living Hope International full-time.

In October of 2003, we took the leap of faith and moved to Puebla, Mexico to begin serving Living Hope International. Our first year was full of challenges and excitements, including the birth of our third child, Keziah. But through this, we quickly found a place in the ministry and knew this was exactly where we were to spend many years to come serving the Lord.

We were feeling completely at home in the country and ministry when our lives were suddenly turned upside down. On November 17, 2004, our son, Josiah, just two weeks before his third birthday, was diagnosed with leukemia, a cancer of the blood. He was in very critical condition and we needed to move fast in order for him to survive. We dropped everything and all boarded a plane for Minnesota less than 12 hours after diagnosis.

Obviously, our world was completely shaken and it took us about 9 months to come out of the fog, but when we did, we realized that God’s calling had never changed! For the next four years, as we battled cancer and had our fourth child, Lydiah, we served as state-side representatives for Living Hope. Josiah finished treatment in January of 2008 with a prognosis far greater than we could have imagined. We moved back to Puebla in September of 2008 to the place where we still feel God has called our family long-term.

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