Christmas Cookie Parties!

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Like every year, we continued our tradition of inviting all the dorms over to decorate cookies and hang out! It has become a much-anticipated tradition among the children, and they often start reminding me in October.

We have had a lot of moving around and changes in the dorms, so this year instead of 6 groups we only had 3 groups.  But squeezing in over 70 kids in just three groups made it extra exciting and busy!  The first evening, we had over 20 teenage girls and their supervisors over for dinner, movie, cookies, and games.

Then a couple nights later, it was an even bigger groups of over 30 teenage boys!  We say each year, that no matter how much food we make, it is never enough!!  They easily went through 5 kilos of spaghetti, and even more bread, corn, and dessert!

Our final group, was 20 of all the younger boys and girls.  After cookies, games, and hanging out, we decided to add a little extra fun this year and also did a pinata FULL of candy!

It is a much-anticipated tradition for the kids, but even more so for our family!  We figured this has been our 7th year and can’t wait for next year!

Many more pictures here!

























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