Girls weekend and GOATS?

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While the boys were all of climbing a mountain, we decided to have a fun little weekend with just the girls.  We had some frieends over for a sleepover, with the usual pizza, popcorn, and girly movies.  We also had some other friends come in from near Mexico City to hang out for the day.  We spent most of the day laughing, making jokes, and taking silly photos.

But among all that fun, I think the highlight of the weekend is when we decided to open up the gate to the local goats to come in and help “mow” our lawn.  Our grass was getting up past my knees in many places, but in a mere three hours the goats got the entire yard down below my ankles!  The girls enjoyed watching the baby goats play, hop, and “fight” each other, while our dog, Nala, stayed inside and tried to keep all of her herding instincts in check.












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