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The last weekend in April, Ryan, Isaiah, and Josiah went on a retreat with the Jr. and Sr. High from their school PCS.  They went to one of the inactive volcanoes that borders Puebla, called Malinche.    Where we live in Puebla, we are already at about 7,000 ft., but they drove up and camped at about 9,500 ft..  The weekend was full of fun with time to hang out with friends, Bible studies, and more.

Saturday morning they all set out for the climb to reach the summit of Malinche.  Isaiah trekked right along side the lead group with most of his closest friends, and they made it to the top at 14,640 ft. above sea level.  Once they arrived, they sat down and enjoyed the views and their achievement for about an hour before heading back down.  Ryan and Josiah took a much slower pace, because Josiah wasn’t feeling the greatest that morning.  However, despite that, they did make it to the treeline at about 12,600 ft.












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