New Kids January 2015

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Josue is eight years old and was brought to Esperanza Viva because his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Josue’s mother was also orphaned at a young age and grew up in a children’s home.  Therefore there is no family to take care of Josue or his mother, and unfortunately there is no information about his father.   Josue is adjusting well to his new home and is able to visit his mother.









Laura (10) and Andrea (9) were abandoned by their mother when they were very young and were raised by their father who struggles with mental illness.  Their father was able to pick up work here and there, but  when things got rough the family lived in a shelter where unfortunately they were mistreated.  The family then went to live with their grandmother, but suffered more abuse and neglect from the others living in the home.  Finally, when the girls’ aunt saw the situation, she brought them to Esperanza Viva.

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