SNOW! Iztaccihuatl

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Although the rainy season ends in November, it is not completely uncommon for us to get rain a day here or there in the middle of the winter/dry season.  This year was no different and it rained here in Puebla for a 2-3 days right before Christmas Day.  At almost 7,000 ft., this can make our already cold, unheated, cement house even colder and a bit more miserable…But this year we decided to take advantage of the cold weather.

Puebla is surrounded by four mountains/volcanoes, and when it rains down in the city, it causes snow up in the mountains.  So these crazy Minnesotans thought it would be a great time to head to the mountains and find ourselves some snow and maybe even build a snowman!  We drove up to the Paso de Cortez, about 1 1/2 hours away which is right between the volcano Popocatepetl and the mountain Iztacchuatl.

It turned out we were not the only people who thought the day after Christmas was a good day to head up…there ended up being hundreds of cars all waiting to reach the snowline.  Although it took lots of patience and some extra determination, we ended up making it!!!  We were thrilled to reach 11,000 ft. and tromp through some snowy trails and even build a snowman!

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