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Art Student Team

May 19, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

This last week we were blessed to have a small team of art students from Cairn University come for a few days to teach some art, drawing, and painting technics to the children of Esperanza Viva.  One of the leaders of the team was a former student from PCS where are children attend, who just graduated two years ago.  Our kids were super excited to see her!

Throughout the week the kids worked on learning how to use observe, use different types of lines to demonstrate texture, as well as how to find the right perspective when drawing a larger scene.  The younger children learned more basic art such as the primary and secondary colors and how to use those when drawing a picture.  During the week, all the art was collected and then on Saturday we had a very large expo of the work.












Spring Concert and Design Project

May 18, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Last Friday evening, the three younger kids had their annual Spring Concert through school.  This year’s theme was southern gospel, so many of their songs were pretty difficult with multiple harmonies and complicated rhythms.  Having classes of about 10 kids can make that even more challenging!  However, they all worked really hard, did an amazing job, and sounded great!








This year Isaiah chose to take a design class for his elective instead of music.  Throughout the year, they have been focusing mostly on large, industrial design and Isaiah has discovered a real interest and talent in this area.  We have heard nothing but praise from Isaiah’s teacher saying he grasps the concepts quickly and is just naturally a few years ahead of the other classmates.

After the spring concert, Isaiah and his design class presented one of the projects they had been working on; redesigning a run-down park nearby school.  They even went around to the neighbors with a survey and each came up with their own plans, layout, and model.


Es Tiempo 2015

May 8, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Last weekend the ministry held our annual weekend conference, Es Tiempo, at church.  Ryan worked from early morning to late night each day of the conference, as well as three days before helping set up tents and making sure all the facilities were ready to host hundreds of people for the weekend.

As always, the weekend was packed full of amazing and challenging speakers, deep and authentic worship, and times of prayers and ministry.  This year, the ministry decided to expand Es Tiempo and included an Es Tiempo “Peques” for babies and toddlers 0-7 years old, as well as an Es Tiempo “Kids” for 8-12 year olds.  This allowed many more people be able to attend the conference, and was a huge blessing to the children as well.

One of the most exciting parts for us is always catching up with all of our friends and “ex-staff” that come from all around Mexico for the weekend.  It is always a blessing to see how time and distance have so little affect on great relationships.

However, the highlight of this year’s conference was being blessed and surprised to see our friend from youth group that we haven’t seen in probably almost 20 years!!!  Andy Kurzweg came along from Minnesota as a band member with Jason Upton.   Andy first realized that we were a part of this ministry while taking a tour of the HOme.  As they came to Ryan’s desk to look at pictures for the plans and vision for the Community of Hope, he saw our card and said, “Wait! I know these guys!”

Later, at church, we were told that one of the band members knows us, and minutes later saw him sitting a couple rows ahead of us!  What a great reunion.  It is SO much fun to see how life can come full circle, and how God can make this great, big world feel so small, even for just a moment!


May 4, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

The last weekend in April, Ryan, Isaiah, and Josiah went on a retreat with the Jr. and Sr. High from their school PCS.  They went to one of the inactive volcanoes that borders Puebla, called Malinche.    Where we live in Puebla, we are already at about 7,000 ft., but they drove up and camped at about 9,500 ft..  The weekend was full of fun with time to hang out with friends, Bible studies, and more.

Saturday morning they all set out for the climb to reach the summit of Malinche.  Isaiah trekked right along side the lead group with most of his closest friends, and they made it to the top at 14,640 ft. above sea level.  Once they arrived, they sat down and enjoyed the views and their achievement for about an hour before heading back down.  Ryan and Josiah took a much slower pace, because Josiah wasn’t feeling the greatest that morning.  However, despite that, they did make it to the treeline at about 12,600 ft.












Girls weekend and GOATS?

May 4, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

While the boys were all of climbing a mountain, we decided to have a fun little weekend with just the girls.  We had some frieends over for a sleepover, with the usual pizza, popcorn, and girly movies.  We also had some other friends come in from near Mexico City to hang out for the day.  We spent most of the day laughing, making jokes, and taking silly photos.

But among all that fun, I think the highlight of the weekend is when we decided to open up the gate to the local goats to come in and help “mow” our lawn.  Our grass was getting up past my knees in many places, but in a mere three hours the goats got the entire yard down below my ankles!  The girls enjoyed watching the baby goats play, hop, and “fight” each other, while our dog, Nala, stayed inside and tried to keep all of her herding instincts in check.












New Kids January 2015

Mar 5, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Josue is eight years old and was brought to Esperanza Viva because his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Josue’s mother was also orphaned at a young age and grew up in a children’s home.  Therefore there is no family to take care of Josue or his mother, and unfortunately there is no information about his father.   Josue is adjusting well to his new home and is able to visit his mother.









Laura (10) and Andrea (9) were abandoned by their mother when they were very young and were raised by their father who struggles with mental illness.  Their father was able to pick up work here and there, but  when things got rough the family lived in a shelter where unfortunately they were mistreated.  The family then went to live with their grandmother, but suffered more abuse and neglect from the others living in the home.  Finally, when the girls’ aunt saw the situation, she brought them to Esperanza Viva.

Christmas and New Year’s Day at EV

Jan 11, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

There are not too many times during the year that our entire family here at Esperanza Viva all get together.  But Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are two days in the year that every one of the children and the entire staff spend the day together.  It is often a packed day full of football, basketball, silly group competitions, and ending our evening with dinner together.






















Christmas Cookie Parties!

Jan 11, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Like every year, we continued our tradition of inviting all the dorms over to decorate cookies and hang out! It has become a much-anticipated tradition among the children, and they often start reminding me in October.

We have had a lot of moving around and changes in the dorms, so this year instead of 6 groups we only had 3 groups.  But squeezing in over 70 kids in just three groups made it extra exciting and busy!  The first evening, we had over 20 teenage girls and their supervisors over for dinner, movie, cookies, and games.

Then a couple nights later, it was an even bigger groups of over 30 teenage boys!  We say each year, that no matter how much food we make, it is never enough!!  They easily went through 5 kilos of spaghetti, and even more bread, corn, and dessert!

Our final group, was 20 of all the younger boys and girls.  After cookies, games, and hanging out, we decided to add a little extra fun this year and also did a pinata FULL of candy!

It is a much-anticipated tradition for the kids, but even more so for our family!  We figured this has been our 7th year and can’t wait for next year!

Many more pictures here!

























Afternoon at EV

Jan 11, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

One afternoon during our Christmas break, we had the priveledge of bringing out some good friends out for an afternoon of activities at the Home.  The Prusias are another missionary family here in Puebla that we have met through the kids’ school.  During vacation, they had some family visit who were very interested in orphan ministry, and asked to come out and spend the afternoon with the kids.

After a short tour of the ministry’s campus, they got right in!  We kept all the children of the Home busy between making paracord bracelets, some outdoor games, and a great time of teaching!











SNOW! Iztaccihuatl

Jan 11, 2015   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Although the rainy season ends in November, it is not completely uncommon for us to get rain a day here or there in the middle of the winter/dry season.  This year was no different and it rained here in Puebla for a 2-3 days right before Christmas Day.  At almost 7,000 ft., this can make our already cold, unheated, cement house even colder and a bit more miserable…But this year we decided to take advantage of the cold weather.

Puebla is surrounded by four mountains/volcanoes, and when it rains down in the city, it causes snow up in the mountains.  So these crazy Minnesotans thought it would be a great time to head to the mountains and find ourselves some snow and maybe even build a snowman!  We drove up to the Paso de Cortez, about 1 1/2 hours away which is right between the volcano Popocatepetl and the mountain Iztacchuatl.

It turned out we were not the only people who thought the day after Christmas was a good day to head up…there ended up being hundreds of cars all waiting to reach the snowline.  Although it took lots of patience and some extra determination, we ended up making it!!!  We were thrilled to reach 11,000 ft. and tromp through some snowy trails and even build a snowman!

More Pictures Here












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