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Keziah on her Laptop

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Keziah and Lydiah…Sweet Sisters

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Isaiah and Josiah…Best Buds

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Christmas Break

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We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years.  We had a great and very busy Christmas break!!!

  1.  We started our Christmas “break” with Isaiah’s Christmas program through school.  It was a lot of fun to see the kids from elementary all the way up through High School singing and enjoying the Christmas Carols.  One of the highlights, for us, was seeing the “guitar orchestra.”  It was a group of 20 jr. high students, all playing Christmas Carols on guitar at once!
  2. Then we enjoyed the Sunday School program at church that Keziah and Lydiah were involved in.  Keziah had a couple of lines as one of the innkeepers telling Mary and Joseph there was no room at her inn.  She was so proud!  They both seem VERY comfortable on the stage and enjoyed singing with ALL the actions
  3. As we do every year, we had each of the dorms over during the break.  The younger kids came over and played during the afternoon, and decorated Christmas cookies.  Then the teenage dorms came over in the evening for dinner, games, movies, and also to decorate cookies.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with each dorm, and had many laughs together!
  4. We did enjoy some good time as a family too, especially on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  Christmas Eve the kids woke us up plenty early excited to open gifts, and then we had our traditional cinnamin rolls and yummy breakfast, and just hung out and played all day.  New Year’s Eve the kids were determined to ring in the New Year.  All of us made it, except for Lydiah, who fell asleep on the couch as we watched the ball drop in New York (maybe next year she will make it that last hourJ)
  5. Christmas Day and New Year’s day we spent at the home with all the kids.  We had pinatas for the littlest kids, and then all got involved in the Volleyball and Kickball tournaments!
  6. The most exciting news of this New Year is that this week the contract for the building of the Visitor’s building has been signed and construction has already begun!!!  God is Good!  When finished this building will be able to house 32 visitors, as well as 32 Vina (our ministry school) students.  This will also allow the minsitry to have no rented facilities!!  If all goes according to schedule, the building will be done in time to house the majority of the short-term teams that come this summer!  Ryan will be posting pictures on his facebook of the progress, so be watching for those!


Finally, I would like to ask for some prayers for my family, specifically my dad’s side.  This last August, we lost my aunt Kathy (my dad’s sister) after a very long battle with MS, and then just a few weeks ago, my grandma (my dad’s mom) passed away.  If that weren’t enough, my dad’s other sister, Marilyn, was diagnosised with leukemia last summer and is now down from Grand Forks, ND going through, or recovering, from a bone marrow transplant she had this fall.  It has been a LONG road, and she is realy struggling to fully recover.  Although, at this point, she is cancer-free, her body seems to be fighting to gain the strength she needs; strength to even do minor tasks.  She has been in the hospital for over a month, and it looks like it is going to be at least 6-8 more weeks.  Some of the things she is going through are common, and others have the Drs. somewhat puzzled.  Please pray for a full and speedy recovery!

Also, would like you to pray for my dad and mom, as they are trying to take care of my aunt, and manage all the other “affairs” at the same time.  They also need some strength and encouragement.  Thanks!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!

We pray for an AWESOME and BLESSED 2012 for each of you.







Our Family

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