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Inauguration Weekend

Oct 3, 2012   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

This last weekend we celebrated the Inauguration of the Visitor/Vina Building.  It was an amazing and fun-filled weekend.

Saturday was the main celebration and ceremony, which included dances and testimonies.  Keziah danced in the Regional Dance of Chihuahua with some of the kids from the home.  They had been working VERY hard, but it all paid off.  They did an amazing job and had SO much fun dancing, which is obvious by the smiles on their faces!   Click here to see them dance

There was also a Modern “hip hop” dance done by the teenage girls, which got everyone moving along to the music.  In between, there were testimonies given by three teenagers of the home.  They all have different stories, but in the end they shared about what God has been teaching them, how they now have the opportunity to help teach the younger children, and their dreams for the future.  It is only through God and Esperanza Viva, that those dreams can now become a reality.

After this celebration we walked over to the building for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the unveiling of plagues and the dedication of this building.  We finished the afternoon with a great lunch together.


Sunday night we had a Benefit Dinner/ Noche Mexicana (Mexican Night).  The tent was completely decorated Mexican Style, and all of the staff, children of the Home, and guest dressed up in traditional Mexican clothes.  To continue the theme, we enjoyed some Mariachi music, a Regional Dance of Puebla danced by the teenagers, and of course, all sorts of traditional Mexican Food including Tamales, Mole, Elote, Chiles en Nogados, and more.

During the dinner, Jerry shared the vision and a call to partner with the ministry in this next step which will include the Community Center.  The Community Center will be used daily as an enclosed cafeteria, with a Commercial Kitchen for all the kids, but can also be utilized as a game room, auditorium, and for special events.  God definitely continues to bless and amaze all of us at Esperanza Viva.

Finally, we ended our evening and our weekend with a bang (literally).  After serenading our guests with the song “Cielito Lindo,” some fireworks were set off.  It was a fitting close to the weekend, as we celebrated not only what God has already done, but what he has next for us!

Note: We are having some issues with our photos on this website.  Hopefully we will have the problem figured out soon.  Be watching for more pics soon. THANKS!!

Short-Term Mission Groups

Aug 24, 2012   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  1 Comment

Since returning to Mexico a few weeks ago, the ministry has hosted several youth short-term mission teams, two of those teams were from our supporting churches.  First one was a team of Jr. High kids from North Heights Lutheran Church from July 21-28.   Then from the 4-11 of August was a team of High School students from Woodland Hills Church.

These two teams were extra special for us, because for the first time we were hosting our friends’ children!  It was a humbling experience!

It was at 15 that I (Molly) took my first short-term missions’ trip to Trinidad and Tobago.  Even though we did many things on that trip, it was in the few hours spent in an Orphanage one morning that changed my life forever.  As we hung out with the kids, God spoke to me deeply and gave me a brief picture of his heart for these children.  It was in that moment, I knew that I couldn’t turn a hard heart.

Then years later, during a short-term trip to Guatemala, God began speaking more specifically and clearly about this calling to both Ryan and I.  It is because of short-term missions trips that we are serving as full-time missionaries now.

There has been some “buzz” lately about the value of short-term missions trips.   Some wonder what kind of long-term impact and change these teams can make in the places they serve.  However, what is most commonly over looked in this discussion is the impact and change that happens in the lives of the people coming to serve.

Most often the team thinks that they are coming to make a change and impact, which they do!  The kids here anxiously look forward to each team.  But the reality is that each team comes away more changed and touched by God then they ever imagined.   That is quite simply “priceless.”  We watch God work in each one of these youth through the relationships they build with the kids here.  And we know that God has HUGE plans for each of them.  They came with hearts ready to work, play, and bless, but we know they left with much more.  We pray for each of them and wait expectantly to see what God does in their lives.   It could be that they are starting down a path that we started many years ago.
































Una Nueva Esperanza- A New Hope

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House Ready for Play

Jun 18, 2012   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Sidewalk Mosaics

Jun 18, 2012   //   by molly   //   Blog  //  No Comments

5 Villas

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40 Rooms

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Very Personal Movie Theater

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Dining Room- Three Balanced Meals

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School Room with Personalized Education Given

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