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“Religion that our God the Father considers as pure and faultless is this: to look after the Orphans and widows in their time of distress” James 1:27

For 16 years, LHI had been renting facilities with the God-size vision of one day purchasing land and building a permanent home for all the ministries in one location. Part of this vision has been realized!  In 2008, the ministry purchased 11 acres of land and began building  “The Living Hope Community”.

Ryan, with a background in construction and project management, has been serving as the project coordinator of this building project. Although he is not formally trained, he is often referred to as “architect” or “engineer” here in Mexico, to which he usually responds with a small chuckle, and says, “Well, at least, I hope I think like one.”  Along with the construction, he is also in charge of building and grounds maintenance,coordinates work projects for short-term mission teams,  and works as the logistics coordinator importing LHI’s donated building supplies.

He strongly feels that part of the reason he was created was to see this project through to completion.  Building and construction is not always a glamorous or traditional role in missions, but providing a home for these kids is a humbling responsibility.  It is a vital role at Esperanza Viva that allows him to use his gifts and talents to advance the Kingdom of God and help rescue children from the streets!

In April 2011, the first phase of construction was completed, and included a large warehouse, public bathrooms, a Garden of Hope, soccer field, basketball court, temporary tents for the Integral Education Center, but most importantly, a 18,000 square-foot dormitory designed to house over 160 children and their supervisors!  But this was just the beginning!

In January 2012, the ministry broke ground again and began the second phase of construction.  The Visitor’s House was finished in September 2012 to house 32 visitors and 32 Vina students right on campus.

Then in May 2013, to continue the second phase of construction, the ministry broke ground once again, to begin the Community Center! Later that year, The Community Center was finished and now serves daily as the kitchen, cafeteria for the children and staff of the Home, as well as for many events throughout the year.

There are still many acres to build on, and a vision to fill each one! The next project will be the Integral Education Center, our K-12 school for the children of Esperanza viva.  When all projects are finished, “The Living Hope Community” will have two dormitories, staff housing, additional visitor and Vina housing, a church, and more!





“…Whatever you have done for the least important of these brothers of mine, you have done for me” Matthew 25:40

One thing that really attracted us to Living Hope is their belief that our own families must come first, before ministering to other children.  So, Molly continues her first love and calling, and that is to raise our children and serve our family.  Even though our four kids are now attending school, Molly stays busy at home  keeping up with cleaning, laundry etc. Then is running all afternoon to get the kids to activities, sports, and making sure all the homework is done.

While the kids are in school, Molly also spends several hours a week serving the ministry through writing and editing newsletters and written material for LHI and is also in charge of Living Hope’s Facebook Page.   When she can, she and the kids also help with visiting short-term missions teams during their craft and activity time with the children.

Recently, she has formed a growing relationship between our children’s school, Puebla Christian School, and Esperanza Viva.  Three times this last school year, she brought a team of 30 kids and teachers out to the Home for a time of crafts, activities, games, and more.  It is excited to see the servant hearts of the students and to watch relationships build between the students and the children of the Home.

Above all this, one of the most cherished times is during Christmas Break, when she invites each dorm over to our house for dinner, a time of fellowship, playing, and most importantly, decorating Christmas cookies.  It has become a much anticipated time of year for the kids.

Molly’s vision and passion is to be a living example to the children of the Home, to the supervisors, and to other young families in the ministry of a loving, caring family passionate about serving God together.












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